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    Medical infusion and blood warming device

    Manufacturer: BESTMAN

    1. Medical fluid infusion warmer BFW-1000 is a kind of warming device to warm the liquid to be infusioned into human
    body by warming the infusion pipe, with high efficiency and easy use.
    2. Dry groove warmer structure: Adopt conventional infusion pipe to warm the infusion pipe directly, no need special
    3. Apply scope: warm the infusion liquid for medical system.
    4. Triple protection: adopts intellectual microcomputer controlling technology can high precision control temperature.
    Audible and visual alarm when high/low temperature and no liquid happen to remind the doctor.
    5. Product structure : It is mainly composed of box, cover, internal control circuitry, warming elements, warm transfer
    plates with groove, and gallus or steeve, steeve clamp component.

    Products specifications
    Brand BESTMAN
    Approval Number 粤械注准20192140653
    Qualification FDA | CE