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    Medical molecular sieve oxygen generator HAO-3010

    Manufacturer: OMRON
    High-quality molecular sieve, continuous and stable oxygen supply, and can be atomized simultaneously; Body weight: 12kg; Dimensions: about 620mm x 370mm x270mm
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    High-quality oxygen supply
    Provide you with 93%±3% oxygen concentration oxygen stably
    The use of high-quality French imported molecular sieves, combined with Japan's top technology (TM method) to optimize the design of molecular sieves, maximize the use efficiency of molecular sieves, ensure the quality of oxygen, every strand of oxygen you breathe is of high-purity quality For.

    Continuous monitoring of oxygen concentration
    Know exactly the oxygen concentration
    Use Omron's unique sensing technology to tailor a high-precision concentration sensor for the oxygen generator. The oxygen concentration is monitored in real time and displayed directly on the screen, allowing you to know the oxygen concentration at any time, and fully grasp your health.
    Full grid is 90% oxygen concentration, and each grid is 2%

    5 smart alarms
    Careful protection, safe use
    There are 5 unique alarms: oxygen concentration <82% alarm; high temperature>70℃ alarm; low temperature <0℃ alarm; high pressure>200kPa alarm; low pressure <30kPa alarm, protect your oxygen safety when you use it for a long time .

    Large screen display
    Clear display, easy to operate
    Large LCD screen display is convenient for middle-aged and elderly people to view and operate.

    Atomization function
    Can be used with nebulization treatment
    The atomizer is designed independently. The atomization parts are included, the spray rate is ≥0.2ml/min, which is stable and gentle, and the therapeutic effect is equivalent to that of a compressed atomizer. Used in conjunction with drugs, it is conducive to drug absorption.

    Timed oxygen production mode
    Set oxygen time as you like
    4 levels of oxygen generation time (30 minutes, 1 hour, 1 hour 30 minutes, 2 hours), you can flexibly set according to your own needs, and we will display the cumulative use time.

    Lightweight design
    12kg body, free to move
    The body of the Omron Oxygen Concentrator weighs only 12kg. It is also equipped with a lightweight handle and a bottom roller design. When you need to change the place of use, it can be easily moved even if you are old and weak.

    Unique appearance
    Hidden water tank design
    While maintaining the beauty, the oxygen generator can be kept clean and hygienic.

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