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    KD500 Single headed ceiling halogen OT light

    Manufacturer: MICARE
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    Product Advantages:

    1. High color reduction

    The overall reflection optical system made by CAD/ CAM technology is adopted. The depth of main light column is up to 1000mm.

    The color reducibility is improved by using color temperature compensation technology.

    2. 360° omnidirectional design

    Light balancing arm suspension system, universal adjustment, accurate positioning.

    The 360° omnidirectional design can satisfy any height and Angle during the operation.

    3. Fully enclosed lamp cap

    The intensified lamp panel is safe and explosion-proof.

    Pure aluminum profile made of multi - mirror overall reflector reflector, using the international advanced electrode oxidation process manufacturing.

    Products specifications
    Brand Light
    Approval Number 赣械注准20192010177
    Qualification CE