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    Mesh Nebulizer

    SKU: hxg017
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    Product features
    1. The atomizer uses the latest electronic spray technology to spray and atomize the liquid medicine and directly transmit it to the patient

    Suction duct to achieve the therapeutic effect.
    Suitable for patients with respiratory diseases (cold, tonsil inflammation, sore throat, asthma, etc.), special atomizing medical water, special atomizing preventive health care potion or normal saline.

    2. Small body, easy to carry, universal ordinary alkaline battery.

    3. Atomizing method of micro-jet orifice, directly atomizing liquid into small molecules.

    4. When the product is continuously used for 20 minutes, or when the medicine is finished in the medicine cup, the instrument will shut down automatically.

    5. Safety protection: The medicine cup and accessories have passed the "non-toxic Experiment" and "Non-plasticizer Experiment".

    Products specifications
    Approval Number 粤械注准20182080918
    Qualification CE