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    Micro Blood Collection Tube

    Manufacturer: SANLI
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    ◆The design of Micro Blood Collection Tube guarantees a largely pain and stress free blood sample collection, even for our smallest patients.

    ◆Specially designed carrier tubes make centrifugation possible in standard instruments.

    Instructions for Use:

    ①Remove closure from tube and place on a convenient surface. The closure may be nested on the base of the tube.

    ②Puncture skin with the appropriate lancet. Dispose of lancet in an approved sharps container. Wipe away the first drop of blood with gauze.

    ③Hold micro blood collection tube at 30"。40° angle from surface of puncture site. Touch collector end of reservior to drop of blood. Avoid scraping skin surface to collct blood sample. After collecting 2 or 3 drops, blood will freely flow down reservior wall to bottom of tube.

    ④Fill tubes between the fill marks. Over or underilling of tube may result in clotting and/or erroneous test results.

    ⑤Replace closure by twisting and pushing cap downward.

    ⑥Fit the extender into the bottom of the reservior and extend the tube length for centrifugation.

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