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    Nebulizer NE-C801S

    Manufacturer: OMRON
    High performance and easy operation; Body weight: about 270g (only body); Dimensions: width 142mm × height 72mm × thickness 98mm
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    Compressed atomization
    Small atomized particles, suitable for a wide range of people
    Using Omron's unique compressor, compressed air pushes the liquid medicine to impact a specific device to produce atomized particles. The proportion of fog particles whose median diameter is less than 3.0 μm is greater than 50%.
    Applicable people: infants, children, adults, elderly
    *Pentamidine drug is not suitable for this product

    Gentle spray rate
    The spray is smooth and gentle, and the gas flow is appropriate
    The spray rate is above 0.2ml/min, and the gas flow rate is above 3.5L/min. It is suitable for small respiratory tracts in children and sensitive airways in adults. The spray is smooth and gentle, which is conducive to drug absorption and can prevent coughing.

    Unique V.V.T technology
    Achieve more efficient treatment
    The virtual flap valve technology is used to change the disadvantages of the previous rubber flaps that are easy to lose, difficult to clean, and difficult to disinfect. It not only improves the efficiency of atomization inhalation, but also directly disinfects with boiling water.

    The amount of residual liquid
    Effective use of drugs
    The capacity of the medicine tank is about 2~7ml, and the residual liquid volume is only 0.7ml or less, which can basically completely spray the medicine liquid.

    Food grade plastic material
    Children use more at ease
    The liquid medicine cup and mouthpiece are made of food grade PP material, which is safe, non-toxic and resistant to high temperatures, making it more safe to use.

    Medical grade disinfection
    Easy to disinfect and use with peace of mind
    Parts for inhalation such as liquid medicine bottle caps, suction nozzles, septa, and liquid medicine bottles can be boiled for cleaning and disinfection.

    Inhalation method
    A variety of inhalation methods to choose from
    According to the treatment needs of different diseases and personal preferences, different inhalation treatment methods are provided, with a nozzle, a small mask, and a large mask, a small mask and a nasal suction nozzle are sold separately.

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