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    Neck orthosis

    Manufacturer: Tianjian Medical
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    Philadelphia cervical collar TJ-101

    1. Liner: Liner: terry cloth Outer layer: silk cotton, sponge
    2. Adjustable card position: PP material 3. Portable cervical traction device for neck: PP portable cervical traction device board
    4. Tape: nylon 3.5 cm wide
    5. Adjusting knob: PP material
    6. This product is divided into front piece and back piece, with simple structure and easy to wear
    7. Inner foam pad: The inner material is soft, skin-friendly, breathable, and feels comfortable when worn by the injured, and plays a certain buffering effect.
    8. Adjustable position, adjust the product to align with the chin. Adjustment range: 80°~130°
    9. Front large opening design: super large opening for carotid artery monitoring or postoperative intubation
    10. The rear natural vents are beautifully designed and have a larger vertical portable cervical traction device.
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    Products specifications
    Brand 天健医疗器材
    Specification(Package) 64X28X40cm
    Approval Number 冀衡食药监械生产备20150136号
    Qualification CE