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    Nursing pad

    Manufacturer: Aishule
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    Nursing mattress nursing mattress disposable nursing pad
    50: 12 * 600 * 600 / Box * 600 / 600 * pack * 10
    20 pieces / BAG * 12 bags / box
    matters needing attention:
    1. Please replace the clean nursing pad at any time to keep the skin dry and clean.
    2. After each replacement or defecation, please clean and dry the groin and buttocks in time to keep the skin dry.
    3. Wash hands with water and soap before changing the nursing pad to avoid bacterial contamination.
    4. In case of allergy, please stop using immediately.
    The post-processing method was used
    If there is defecation after using the nursing pad, please remove the excreta into the toilet,
    Handle after packing. Do not drop the pad into the toilet.
    1. It can be used directly. The nursing pad can be spread on the surface of the bed, chair, etc., to absorb the excretion, and prevent the pollution of the bed sheet and cotton quilt.
    2. It can be used with diapers at the same time, let the user lie on his side, put the nursing pad under his body, and open the side far away from the user,
    Assist the user to turn to the other side, open the other side of the product, and then let the user lie on his back, and adjust the upper and lower position of the nursing pad appropriately.
    The suitable crowd of nursing pad: long-term bedridden patients, postoperative patients, incontinence patients, puerpera and infants
    Care pad: leak proof and clean, more comfortable, dry and comfortable, more intimate surface.
    Main raw materials: non woven fabric, absorbent paper, pure wood pulp, PE leak proof film, polymer absorption resin

    Products specifications
    Production licenseLu Food and Drug Administration Apparatus Production Xu 20200064