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    OEM disposable endoscope

    Manufacturer: KangerMedical
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    Product description
    OEM surgical instruments disposable endoscope linear cutting stapler loading unit
    Rotating cartridge
    1.11 adjustment
    Maximum left and right 2.45 degrees
    3. Convenient and accurate access to target tissues and blood vessels
    Trapezoidal ink cartridge
    1. Paper cutting step by step
    2. Extensive organizational adaptability
    Big release button
    1. Super antiskid design
    2. Easy to use
    Thinner cartridge design
    1. Apply for 12mm trocar
    2. Improve the universality of the equipment
    Better way to hold
    1. Easy access to narrow space
    2. Reduce the risk of injury and tissue separation
    3. Easier to hold the organization
    Strengthen the design of anvil
    1. Improve the organization closing force

    Products specifications
    Brand Kanger Medical
    Production license Zhejiang Machinery Note 20172220504
    Qualification CE