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    Orthopedic Splint Cast Low Temperature Thermoplastic Splint Sheets

    Manufacturer: Yabin Medical
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    Prepare the worksheet and tools, and adjust the water bath to 65-70 degrees.
    Pick up the correct sheets for different parts of the body. (The thickness of the nose splint is 1.6mm; the thickness of the finger/hand splint is 2.4mm; the thickness of the arm, wrist, elbow, scoliosis splint and neck splint is 3.2mm, and the thickness of the foot and leg splint is 4.0mm .)
    Design a pre-cut paper on the paper, and then cut the thermoplastic sheet with strong scissors.
    Put the splint in the water bath for 3-5 minutes, it may become soft and soft.
    Remove the splint and dry it with a soft cloth, then place it on the patient's body.
    According to the changing trend of the user's bones, gently push the splint with your fingers to form the correct shape and angle.
    It provides about 3 minutes to complete the molding work. As the temperature drops, the splint may harden and harden.
    Decorate the splint with wrapping tape, and if possible, try to personalize it.
    Has a good memory, can allow the above process to be repeated and undo operations. This means that in the entire treatment process, the user only needs one piece, which saves money.

    Products specifications
    Brand Shandong Yabin Medical Technology Co., Ltd.
    Specification(Package) 60 * 90mm, 600 * 900 * 2.4mm / 3.2mm
    Qualification CE
    Approval Number 鲁淄械备20160349号