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    Patient monitor

    Manufacturer: Colin Health
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    As a work assistant of medical staff, patient monitors use sensor technology to sense various physiological changes of patients, measure multiple physiological parameters and make clinical decisions. It has been widely used in various clinical departments similar to the transformation of traditional feature phones to smart phones. With the increasingly complex clinical environment and scarce medical resources, the availability of traditional monitors can no longer meet clinical needs. The transformation of patient monitoring from functional machines to smart machines has become a market trend. While improving medical efficiency, it also breeds a huge market.
    Kelin Intelligent Patient Monitoring has the following characteristics:
    High appearance-exquisite modern industrial design, simple ergonomic operation interface
    High performance-brand new hardware and software platform, smart machine, boot 10s, expandable storage, high-end parameters
    Scalable-simple but not simple, new plug-in style, full function but not heavy
    Interconnectable-third-party equipment workstation connection, central station connection

    . 12.1 inch color touch LCD screen, multi-channel waveform display
    ●Modular design, flexible configuration of advanced parameters, free expansion and upgrade
    ●Professional anti-interference, accurate and reliable numerical measurement
    . Interconnection, convenient data management
    . Knob button operation, standard full-screen touch, convenient operation
    ●Unique luminous button, convenient for night operation
    ●Independent physiological and technical dual alarm lights, prompt information more timely
    ●Standard six parameters: ECG, blood oxygen, blood pressure, breathing, pulse rate, body temperature
    . Factory option: Necollor blood pressure/OMRON blood pressure/Suntech blood pressure
    . Plug-in option: end-tidal carbon dioxide recorder

    Products specifications
    BrandColin Health
    Approval Number粤械注准20172211497
    Production license粤食药监械生产许20173064号