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    Protection suit

    Manufacturer: TTK
    SKU: hxg050

    Name : protective suit
    Model : TTK-A01 Series 500-Classic
    Ingredients : Non-woven PP+PE film
    Features : Antibacterial waterproof breathable membrane

    This product is a new type of PP+PE breathable AP film material; PE microporous film is breathable, not only comfortable, light in weight, and the water pressure can reach 2500mm or more, which is more effective against dirty liquids, dust, blood, etc. It is made of specially treated high-density non-woven polyethylene fiber, which is sealed and sewn by cutting and heat-sealing rubber strips to form a hooded, one-piece garment structure.

    Products specifications
    Approval Number 苏苏械备20200067号
    Qualification FDA | CE