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    PTA balloon dilatation catheter

    Manufacturer: LEPU
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    The product is a coaxial balloon dilatation catheter, including balloons, catheters and catheter sockets. The material of the balloon, outer tube, inner tube, end tube and catheter base is nylon 12, and the material for the visualization marking is platinum-iridium alloy (90% platinum 10% iridium). One-time use, ethylene oxide sterilization, shelf life is 2 years.

    It is suitable for intravascular dilatation treatment of renal artery, femoral artery, iliac artery, subclavian artery, popliteal artery, carotid artery, tibial artery and other peripheral arteriovenous vascular stenosis or occlusion, but does not include intracranial arteriovenous blood vessels.

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