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    Pulsed xenon lamp sterilization robot

    Manufacturer: AS
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    ① Stronger sterilization: ultraviolet radiation of pulsed strong light is 40 times stronger than traditional ultraviolet radiation

    ② Shorter time: the whole disinfection process only needs 3-5 minutes, fast and efficient, no residue

    ③ Lower cost: the cost of each disinfection is 50% less than that of the traditional disinfection method

    ④ Higher efficiency: charging time less than 90 minutes, 50% faster than similar products

    ⑤ Safety and worry-free: non-contact remote control disinfection, remote monitoring, the intelligent reminder

    ⑥ Intelligent disinfection: there is no need for personnel to participate in the disinfection process, and it is more intelligent at a fixed time and fixed point

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