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    Remote control household air purifier

    Manufacturer: yovog

    ●Smart air detection
    Smart sensors can provide you with accurate feedback on indoor air quality.
    ●Quick function
    Quick function, quickly filter and clean the air.
    ●Filter replacement reminder
    When the filter needs to be replaced, the healthy air filter replacement reminder indicator will indicate.
    ●Child lock
    Prevent the danger caused by children's misoperation.
    ●One-key smart mode
    Fully automatic detection of indoor air quality, so you have no worries.
    ●Multi-level indicator light
    Blue light-good air quality
    Yellow light-good air quality
    Red light-poor air quality
    ●4 level wind speed setting
    The 4-level wind speed setting allows you to adjust the wind speed according to your needs.
    ●Formaldehyde removal filter
    The unique composite high-efficiency formaldehyde removal filter can remove pollutants in the air, especially
    Harmful gases such as formaldehyde. Unique composite high-efficiency formaldehyde removal filter adopts German technology
    Technology and special treatment activated carbon. Can immediately clean gas containing formaldehyde and other
    He has harmful gases. In addition, the filter can effectively filter out allergens and bacteria.
    ●Sleep silent mode
    -Key sleep mode, ultra-low energy consumption, comfortable sleep

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