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    Safety cabinet of class III biological super clean glove box

    Manufacturer: Sujie medical

    It is suitable for the samples of volatile toxic and radioactive substances
    0% gas circulation, suitable for volatile toxic and radioactive material samples.
    It has the characteristics of full sealing, full negative pressure and full discharge. After two filters, 100% of the air is discharged to the exhaust system of the laboratory system for centralized treatment.
    The design of 10 ° inclination angle in line with ergonomics principle makes the operation feel better.
    The interior of the working area is made of integral high-quality stainless steel plate, which is convenient for cleaning, disinfection and sterilization.
    The fully enclosed reinforced safety glass front window uses strict physical methods to operate in the cabinet through isolation gloves.
    There is a transfer window on the right side of the safety cabinet, in which there is an ultraviolet germicidal lamp, so that the product can be sterilized in the transfer window.
    Through the high-quality ULPA ultra-high efficiency filter, the air has 99.999% interception efficiency for particles larger than 0.12 μ M. after double filtration, it can be discharged to ensure the quality of the product samples
    Safety protection of laboratory staff and laboratory environment.
    The external of the cabinet is coated with antibacterial coating, which can inhibit the growth of bacteria on the surface.

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    Approval Number 国械注准20173541387
    Qualification CE