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    SH300 ventilator

    Manufacturer: YISHIHENG

    Powerful ventilation function
    ● SH300 ventilator adopts high-quality air control system, stable and reliable operation
    ● Multiple ventilation modes: volume control mode (VCV), pressure ventilation mode (PCV), synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation mode (SIMV), etc.
    ● Intelligent electronic PEEP control

    Rich monitoring functions
    ● Real-time monitoring of multiple respiratory mechanics parameters
    ● Display pressure-time, flow-rate-time, P-V ring, V-F ring and other waveforms, allowing you to intuitively understand the patient's condition
    ● It can provide dynamic waveform display and waveform freezing analysis, providing reference basis for clinical diagnosis and determining treatment plan

    Safe to use
    ● Various pressure protection devices
    ● The key parts are imported
    ● The whole machine has passed EMC testing and passed CE certification
    ● Breathing valve is easy to disassemble for easy disinfection and cleaning

    Products specifications
    Brand Beijing Yishiheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
    Approval Number 国械注准20173544444
    Production license 京食药监械生产许20030096号
    Qualification CE