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    Single arm laparoscope

    Manufacturer: Mingxu

    With the development of minimally invasive technology, endoscopic technology has been applied to general surgery, gynecology, thoracic surgery and other surgical treatment fields. As the bearing platform of the treatment equipment, the endoscope tower provides a comprehensive service for your operation,
    The cavity mirror tower adopts ceiling hanging mode with high bearing capacity. The tower body and cross arm rotate at 340. The well is equipped with brake and anti drift. The tower body is equipped with multi-layer equipment platform, medical gas, power supply, network output terminal, etc. the tower height can be selected and equipped with electric lifting control, which is easy to operate and easy to use.
    (the standard configuration of each terminal is "national standard", which can be selected according to customer requirements, German, British and American standard terminals.)
    Mx-dt06 type
    1. Working power supply: AC220 V, 50 Hz.
    2. Range of motion (radius): 700-1100mm (can be configured according to the requirements of the hospital).
    3. Horizontal rotation angle: 0 ~ 340 ° the cross arm and terminal box can rotate horizontally respectively or simultaneously;
    4. Net load capacity ≤ 60kg;
    5. High grade pallet: 3 layers (height adjustable) or 550mm * 400mm * 47mm; with 10mm × 25mm international standard side rail enclosure, fillet anti-collision design;
    6. Gas interface configuration (three oxygen, three suction and two air conditioning can be configured according to the requirements of the hospital)
    a. The color and shape of the interface are different, and it has the function of preventing wrong connection;
    b. More than 20000 times of plugging and plugging;
    7. Power socket: 10 220 V, 10 A;
    8. Equipotential grounding terminals: 2;
    9. 1 stainless steel adjustable infusion rod frame;
    10. 1 stainless steel adjustable injection pump frame;
    11. The main material is high strength aluminum alloy profile;
    12. Electrostatic spraying is used for surface treatment;
    13. Ceiling mounted, stable and firm;
    14. 1 network interface.

    Products specifications
    Brand Mingxu
    Approval Number 鲁械注准20202150778
    Qualification FDA | CE