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    Single cavity chest drainage bottle

    Manufacturer: YX
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    - Medical grade PVC material

    - Capacity: 1600ml
    - Easy-to-read digits for a convenient, accurate reading

    - Water sealed single bottle chest drainage system
    - Simple design, clear, break-resistant plastic.
    - Adjustable stand.
    - Sterilized with EO 


    - The system is used for closed thoracic drainage and pleural effusion drainage for Haemopneumothorax, Tension Pneumothorax, Spontaneous Pneumothorax, and other Thoracic Operations.

    - Can be used with gravity drainage. When using a suction machine: the maximum recommended vacuum is 5kPa.
    - Y connector for 2 drainage points, can connect 2 thoracic catheters.
    - Reducing adapter For pediatric chest drainage.

    Products specifications
    Brand 亚新
    Approval Number 苏械注准20162660511
    Qualification FDA | CE