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    SK-X60HD All-in-one physical examination machine

    Manufacturer: Sonka
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    1. Rapid high precision infrared non - contact thermometer gun
    2. The body composition measurement instrument is used to judge obesity scientifically, analyze body composition, calculate basic metabolism, and regulate body weight scientifically
    3. Sphygmomanometer automatic measurement
    4. Height-meter You don't have to care if he's there.
    5. A variety of physical examinations are completed at one time.
    6. Touch control operation on the touch platform, voice and animation prompts you to easily complete the self-service physical examination, and listen to music and watch videos at the same time to humanize the physical examination experience
    7. Thermosensitive printer can print the physical examination report without waiting
    8. The weight meter was accurate after 100,000 tests.
    Products specifications
    Approval Number 粤械注准20152070350
    Qualification CE