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    Small Round Plasters

    Manufacturer: youjiu
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    STERILE INDIVIDUAL PACKAGES: Each bandage comes individually wrapped in a sterile package to ensure cleanliness and further protect against possible infection
    • INCREDIBLY FLEXIBLE, DURABLE, AND EASY TO USE: Made with incredibly strong and flexible material that will assure that no matter what you're doing it will move with you to provide incredible coverage and protection for you wound
    • GREAT FOR PIMPLES, BLISTERS, & POST GLUCOSE TESTING: The small design makes protection for small wounds such as blisters or post vaccination wounds
    • BREATHABLE, SOFT AND EASILY REMOVABLE: Expertly woven to create protection which is both breathable and soft that will not stick to your skin to make for easy removal
    • HEALTHCARE NEEDS: YOJO understands the changing climate of healthcare and how important it is to have an honest, dependable partner. As such, we’ve made it our goal to deliver a large selection of items at guaranteed low prices faster than ever before.

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    Approval Number 苏通械备20170016号
    Qualification CE