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    Special cord clamp

    Manufacturer: FT

    Purpose: to provide parallel clamping and cutting operation, which is used to clamp and cut the umbilical cord on the maternal side and infant side, block the blood flow, promote the drying and healing of neonatal umbilical cord, and accelerate the umbilical cord shedding. The intelligent recorder can automatically record the moment of mother infant separation.
    Scope of application: umbilical cord ligation and umbilical cord disconnection of newborn, suitable for natural birth and cesarean section.
    The operation is simple, and the umbilical cord can be cut off in 2-3 seconds by a single person, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of medical staff.
    It greatly shortens the falling off time of umbilical cord, reduces the incidence of umbilical blood seepage and omphalitis, and ensures the safety and health of newborns.
    Reduce the blood exposure in the delivery room, avoid the risk of blood infection, and make medical staff more calm when facing blood borne diseases such as HIV / AIDS, HBV and hepatitis B virus.
    Boka intelligent LCD electronic voice system can automatically record the moment of mother infant separation. At this time of year, the intelligent voice system will automatically wish birthday wishes.

    Products specifications
    Brand BOKA
    Approval Number 浙械注准20192180348
    Qualification FDA | CE