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    Sterilize Dental Equipment

    Manufacturer: Gladent
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    Full line disinfection
    Mobile phone, three-purpose gun, strong and weak suction, disinfection of the entire pipeline for flushing and water supply to prevent cross-infection

    Double bottle water storage system
    Built-in distilled water and disinfection water double-bottle water storage system, one-key switch disinfection system, a disinfectant can be used to disinfect the whole pipeline and the internal circuit of strong and weak suction

    Cell phone pipe disinfection
    Mobile phone pipe disinfection assistant to prevent splashing of disinfectant

    Curved backrest design
    The curved steel plate backrest design is perfectly close to the patient so that every part of the back has suitable support. At the same time, the leg space of the doctor and assistant is maximized, and the medical team is closer to the patient

    Removable backrest
    Detachable backrest for quick and easy installation and removal

    Luxurious and comfortable cushion
    Comfortable cushion, made of extremely wear-resistant microfiber leather, with excellent softness and breathability

    Luxury headrest
    The cast aluminum multi-joint press is convenient for doctors to adjust the position of different patients

    Products specifications
    Brand Gladent
    Approval Number 粤械注准20162170586
    Qualification FDA | CE