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    SUNFUSION® infusion pump

    Manufacturer: BYOND
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    Infusion rate
    The infusion speed range is set in the range of (0.1~2000) ml/h, and the minimum step is 0.01ml/h.
    Bolus function
    The speed setting range is (0.1~1500) ml/h, the infusion volume setting range is (0.1~50.0) ml,
    The minimum step is 0.01ml/h.
    Infusion accuracy
    Above 1ml/h≤±3%; below 1ml/h≤±5% ((after calibration).
    Preset amount setting range
    It can be in the range of (0.1~9999.99)ml, the smallest step is 0.01ml.
    Cumulative infusion volume display
    The infusion pump can display the cumulative amount during the infusion process, the display range is (0.01~9999.99)ml, and the minimum step is 0.01ml.
    KVO speed and capacity
    KVO speed (0.1~5.0)ml/h is adjustable, the minimum step is 0.01ml/h, KVO capacity setting range (0.1~1.0)ml;
    Set the step to 0.01ml.
    Bubble size adjustment
    The size of the detected bubbles can be adjusted. There are 6 levels of 25ul, 50ul, 100ul, 250ul, 500ul, and 800ul.
    The larger the gear, the larger the bubbles that can pass without triggering the bubble alarm.
    Heating setting
    The infusion pipeline can be heated, separated and adjusted at 26-40°C.
    When the pipeline is blocked, the pipeline pressure can be automatically reduced.
    Tick ​​conversion
    The infusion pump can mutually convert the speed of ml and the number of drops, and display the conversion result on the display.
    wireless function
    The infusion pump installed with the wireless module can be connected to the computer.
    Alarm type
    Pressure block alarm/Infusion set is not installed correctly prompt/Almost complete alarm/Door open alarm/Infusion complete alarm│Standby task complete alarm/Bubble alarm
    Alarm/abnormal operation alarm│Alarm when AC power has been unplugged/Forgetting operation alarm/Low battery alarm/Battery empty alarm│Power failure alarm/Empty
    Bottle alarm/drop detector has been pulled out alarm/pipe replacement due alarm/infusion set mismatch alarm/heater abnormal alarm.
    power supply
    3 power supply modes available
    1) AC100-240V 50/60HZ.
    2) Built-in lithium battery 11.1V, 2600/5200mAh, can work continuously for more than 7/14 hours (25ml/h) after the battery is fully charged.
    3) DC15V input.

    Products specifications
    Approval Number湘械注准20182540065
    Production license湘食药监械生产许20150076号