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    Surface disinfectant

    Manufacturer: Liaoning control sense
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    Name: surface disinfectant

    Character: liquid

    Main active ingredients and content: the product is composed of Didecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride and octyl decyl dimethyl

    In the disinfectant with ammonium chloride as the main active component, the content of quaternary ammonium salt active substance was 1.5g/l-2.0g/l

    Category of killing microorganisms: it can kill intestinal pathogenic bacteria, pyogenic cocci, pathogenic yeasts and medicine

    Common bacteria in hospital infection.

    Main application scope: applicable to all aspects of hospital, such as Department of Neonatology, Stomatology, hemodialysis center, endoscopy

    Wipe, disinfect and clean the heart, biochemical test center, all kinds of instrument testing center, ICU, etc;

    It is also suitable for cleaning and disinfecting the surface of hard objects in schools, airplanes, trains and families.

    Usage: disinfect the surface of hard objects, wipe or spray with the original solution for 5-10 minutes, and then reuse

    Clean cloth, mop, cleaning cloth will be dry surface. For heavy scale surfaces, it is recommended to clean them in advance,

    Then disinfect with this product.

    matters needing attention:

    1. Disinfectant for external use should not be taken orally, and should be kept away from children.

    Avoid contact with organic substances and antagonists. Not with soap or other

    Anionic detergents should not be used with iodine or peroxide

    Potassium manganate, hydrogen peroxide, sulfanilamide powder, etc.

    This product has no corrosion to stainless steel and slight corrosion to copper

    Aluminum and carbon steel have moderate corrosion, use with caution.

    Once splashed into eyes, wash immediately and wear protective clothing during operation,

    Wear eye mask, mask and rubber gloves.

    5. Avoid sun and rain during transportation. It is not allowed to contact with toxic, harmful, harmful, toxic and toxic substances

    Mixed transportation of articles with peculiar smell or affecting product quality.

    Products specifications
    Brand Liaoning control sense