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    The second generation intelligent blood sampling pillow type 32

    Manufacturer: YeeBot
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    Product Name: Second-generation Intelligent Blood Collection Pillow Type 32
    The intelligent blood sampling pillow is a device specially used for automatic replacement of pads when blood sampling. When in use, only need to install the consumable rolls, the pad towel can be automatically replaced, which is simple, fast, and hygienic for one person and one towel.
    Application scenarios: hospitals, physical examination centers, blood stations and other blood sampling units.
    Color: green
    Brand: YeeBot, a needle robot
    Product model: YeeBot-532b
    Product specifications: 300×179×69 (mm)
    Input voltage: DC12V/2.5A
    Consumables roll specifications: φ55×115 (mm)
    Adapter input voltage: 220V
    Built-in battery specifications: 12V/1800mAh (polymer lithium battery)

    Products specifications
    Brand YeeBot
    Approval Number 京经械备20200046号
    Qualification CE