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    Three-function electric hospital bed

    Manufacturer: KANGERJIAN

    Inner diameter: length 2030*width 900*height 440/660mm
    Outer diameter: length 2170*width 1070*height 440/660mm

    ABS bed head: The head and foot of the bed are made of one-time injection molding with ABS technology, which is resistant to fading, aging, and easy to clean. The head and foot board of the bed are symmetrical with automatic lock sockets, which can be quickly disassembled, which can meet the needs of clinical emergency treatment. There is a transparent headboard card on the footboard for inserting cards.

    Bed surface: The bed frame is made of 40*80*1.2mm welding, the overall frame, the bed surface is made of high quality steel plate with a thickness of 1.2mm, and it is designed with vents to prevent bedsores, good air permeability, easy to clean and disinfect, and the bed surface is heavy . The surface of the bed body uses electrostatic spraying process. Strap: Four-corner omnidirectional infusion hole, 1 infusion stand, 2 drainage hooks on each side, the infusion stand can be placed at the drainage hook when not in use.

    Motor: Uses the well-known Taiwan brand Lincoln motor, which is durable.

    Guardrail: Made of high-quality ABS injection molding. The guardrail can be folded and placed under the bed surface, which does not take up space when folded, which improves the utilization rate of the ward space. The fence design conforms to safety standards, is beautiful and comfortable, the overall structure is simple, and the practical anti-pinch design is safe to use.

    ABS silent wheel: 5-inch double-sided silent wheel, sturdy and durable, more flexible to roll, no noise, no shaking, central control brake device, convenient and flexible to use. Pedal with central brake!
    Operation: remote control lift, the maximum folding angle of the back, the horizontal rise ≥65°, the leg ≥45°.
    Load-bearing: 240kg on the bed surface, no abnormal phenomenon in all parts after 24 hours.

    Back 0-85°, curved legs 0-45°, overall lifting 440-660mm

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    QualificationISO13458 | CE