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    Tongsheng Yida Targeting Pump

    Manufacturer: Tong Sheng Yi Da
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    First of all, targeted pumps are generally called volumetric pumps, whose main purpose is to replace the traditional manual liquid input to achieve more accurate and safer drug delivery. Syringe pumps are also called micro-infusion pumps. The main purpose of syringe pumps is to supplement volumetric infusion pumps in micro-administration. Because the micro-infusion pump (that is, the syringe pump) is more accurate than the general volumetric infusion pump when administering small doses. It is often used in important departments such as anesthesiology, neonatology, and intensive care unit.
    Compared with syringe pumps, the advantages of infusion pumps are: larger capacity, wider flow rate range, fewer liquid type restrictions, cheaper consumables, lower drug concentration, less irritation, and easier needle running alarm and infusion Functions such as heating.
    Second, compared with infusion pumps, the advantages of syringe pumps are: higher accuracy when administering a small volume, more flexible dispensing volume, easier to solve bench-top placement, and smaller flow rate pulsation.
    It can be seen from this that there is no essential difference between an infusion pump and a syringe pump, and can be called a sister pump. Whether to choose an infusion pump or a syringe pump in clinical practice, the following factors should generally be considered:
    (1) General cardiovascular and anesthesiology departments use more syringe pumps than infusion pumps.
    (2) General infusion pumps are more practical for obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics/neonatology, emergency, intensive care, oncology, burns.
    (3) Only infusion pumps can perform blood transfusion, nutrient solution, and large amount of body fluid and electrolyte supplement.
    (4) It is easier to manage infusion pump consumables in general small and medium hospitals and general departments.
    Third, the medical insurance in foreign countries is very good. The infusion pump is practically a dedicated tube, which can guarantee the accuracy for a long time and can almost meet all the needs of intravenous administration. Therefore, the shortage of the syringe pump is small, and the concentration of the drug solution is too high. It has emerged that the usage of syringe pumps is far less than that of infusion pumps; our country is still very poor, and the level of medical insurance is still very low. Special consumables cannot be covered by medical insurance. Patients need to pay for them, and most patients cannot afford it. However, most infusion pumps cannot guarantee long-term continuous infusion accuracy when matching cheap PVC consumables. Therefore, syringe pumps are used instead when long-term infusion accuracy must be guaranteed. This is why our country keeps appearing in our country. The reason for the unique phenomenon of six-channel and eight-channel syringe pumps.
    Fifth, the newly developed consumable controlled infusion pump can be very small in size. It not only satisfies the advantages of general infusion pumps, but also ensures the accuracy of drug delivery under small flow rates. In addition to relying solely on intravenous anesthesia, it can completely replace syringe pumps!

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    Brand Tong Sheng Yi Da
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