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    Artificial knee joint

    Manufacturer: Aikang Yicheng
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    A3 Primary Total Knee Joint

    1.      A3 fix bearing knee system is to provide sufficient articular surface and proper patella tracking as

    well as rotational freedom to accommodate deep knee flexion up to 145 degree;
    2.    Satisfy all kinds of figures: 12 Femoral sizes and 13 tibial sizes provide the best fitting combination;
    3.    Ingenuity curvature design makes sure that any sizes of femoral condylar and tibial insert matches
    with each other;
    4.    Deep and extended patella groove improves the patella trackability;
    5.    Bolt-locking mechanism gives loosening zero chance.

    Products specifications
    Brand Aikang Yicheng
    Specification(Package) Pieces
    Qualification CE
    Approval Number 京食药监械生产许20040045号
    Approval Number 国械注准20163462403