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    Traditional Chinese Medicine Fumigation Machine

    Manufacturer: Fulang Medical
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    Product Introduction

    The traditional Chinese medicine fumigation machine mainly achieves the purpose of treatment through the dual effects of physical warmth and absorption of traditional Chinese medicine. Under the fumigation, the human body will open the pores and wick away perspiration. This way, on the one hand, it can excrete metabolic products and harmful substances from the body. Effective Chinese medicine components enter the body through open pores, thereby promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, warming menstruation and dispelling cold, expelling wind and dampness, reducing inflammation and relieving pain, and directly act on the diseased parts to avoid the toxicity of internal medicine to the human body. Negative effects

    Products specifications
    Brand Fulang Medical
    Approval Number 豫械注准20172260790
    Production license 豫食药监械生产许20180008号