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    Disposable sterile puncture trocar

    Manufacturer: WEIDE
    SKU: WZW028
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    Intended Use

    WEI DE® (ValuedMed) Sterile Disposable Laparoscopic Bladeless Trocar has applications
    in gynecologic,urologic laparoscopy and other abdominal procedures to establish a path
    of entry for endoscopic instruments. It helps to provide patient less post-operative pain,
    fewer wound complications, and faster recovery time.

    Main Features 

    • Low insertion force provides controlled and predictable entry; 
            bladeless tip separates tissue instead of cutting it through,
            therefore leaves minimal fascial defects. 
    • Seal durability maintains the device insufflation during lengthy operation.
    • Integrated stability thread design delivers high abdominal wall fixation 
            and low drag forces to accommodate frequent instrument exchanges.
    • Clear radiolucent, nonconductive sleeve allows visualization during removal of specimen.
    • Also available in extended working length for overweight and obese patient.
    • Single patient use, avoiding cross infection.

    WD-I  3.5 mm/5.5 mm/10.5mm/12.5 mm

    WD-1 Extended Length    15.5 mm/10.5 mm/12.5mm

    Products specifications
    Approval Number


    Qualification ISO13485 | CE