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    Ultrasonic bone densitometer

    Manufacturer: Donghuayuan
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    >Measurement method: ultrasonic bone densitometer uses ultrasonic method to measure the ultrasonic velocity and broadband ultrasonic attenuation of ultrasound penetrating human calcaneus to calculate the parameters reflecting bone condition.
    >Professional accuracy: medical grade, clinical verification, by measuring bone mineral density, can screen osteoporosis and predict the risk of fracture.
    >Green and convenient: ultrasonic bone mineral density measurement has the advantages of non radioactive, convenient and rapid measurement.
    >Economic and convenient: professional oil bag, no need to replace within the service life, can be used for a long time. Built in touch LCD screen, convenient for real-time reference.
    >Intelligent analysis: BMD is a full-automatic bone mineral density detection equipment, simple operation can make patients easily complete self-service measurement, and provide clear detection records to the measured by display and printing after measurement.
    >Data upload: the BMD instrument can be connected to other systems through BMD software detection system and data interface.

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