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    Ultrasonic Scalpel and System

    Manufacturer: HAND
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    Ultrasonic Scalpel and System

    36cm 22cm 14cm Ultrasonic Scalpel for laparoscopic surgery



    1. Precise Cutting and Coagulation Synchronously

    2. Minimal lateral thermal tissue damage

    3. No electricity passes through the patient

    4. No toxin smoke, only from water vapor

    5. Multi-functionality (cut, coagulate, grasp, dissect)

    Precise Operation, easy handling.


    Product Description

    Our ultrasonic scalpel is compatibale with J&J  Ethicon GEN11 and GEN400.


    Model No. Products name Descriptions
    HD-CSXT-001 Generator  
    HD-CSH01  Hand Piece Frequency: 55.5 Hz
    HCY-FS2-01 Foot Switch Portable Switch
    HD-KC-D01 Ultrasonic Shear Diameter: 5.5mm  
    Work Length: 140mm
    HD-KC-D02 Diameter: 5.5mm  
    Work Length: 220mm
    HD-KC-D03 Diameter: 5.5mm  
    Work Length: 360mm
    Products specifications
    Approval Number


    Qualification FDA | CE