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    Urethral Mucosal Irrigation Fluid

    Manufacturer: Anji Chinatown
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    [Trade name] Urethral Mucosal Irrigation Solution

    【Executive standard】HBQB-NDY19-2018

    [Generic name] Skin and mucous membrane antibacterial liquid

    【Validity】24 months

    【Dosage Form】Liquid

    【Manufacturer】Zhejiang Anji Huabu Industrial Co., Ltd.

    [Specifications] 10ML/support

    [Hygienic License of Production Enterprise] Zhejiang Health Dissipation Certificate (2017) No. 0043

    [Main ingredients] Triclosan, ureidoacetolactam, glycerol, citric acid, natural plant extract flavor, purified water, etc.

    [Main active ingredients and their content] Trichlorodiphenyl ether: 0.1%-0.28%.

    [Scope of use] It is suitable for washing the urethral mucosa of women and men, and has a strong bactericidal effect.

    [Usage method] Use the original solution to flush the urethra to be sterilized through the catheter, keep it moist and clean, and achieve a strong sterilization effect in about five minutes.

    [Killing microorganism category] This product is more effective against pyogenic cocci, intestinal pathogens, pathogenic fungi, molds, yeasts, and other environmental infections such as hospitals or homes, such as common bacteria, bacterial propagules, and common pathogens. Strong bactericidal effect.

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    BrandAnji Chinatown