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    Weight Loss Vacuum roller liposuction

    Manufacturer: Leya Beauty and Body
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    Hot sale slimming vacuum roller liposuction machine

    1. Anti-aging on face and eyes;

    2. Shrink pores and whiten;

    3. Tighten the skin and strengthen the strength;

    4. Promote metabolism and blood circulation;

    5. Repair pits and wrinkles;

    6. Replenish water;

    7. Reduce excessive moisture and accumulated fat;

    8. Eliminate stomach wrinkles;

    9. Replenish collagen and restore elasticity.

    10. Slimming

    40K cavitation

    What is an ultrasonic cavitation operation?
    It uses the 40kHz focused ultrasound cavitation effect to make a large number of tiny bubbles surround the LEDcyte (fat cell) membrane, and cause high enough bubbles at its resonance frequency to cause the fat cells to burst immediately. Then, the broken LED cells are moved to the liver and safely metabolized from the human body with the help of drinking plenty of water.

    Vacuum roller liposuction with RF

    With vacuum infrared treatment head, local blood

    Congestion occurs, metabolism in connective tissue improves, microcirculation and lymphatic circulation accelerate, so skin and collective tissues detoxify with higher intensity. Frequently used production

    The increase in collagen makes the skin firmer. The guaranteed painless treatment can detoxify and tighten collective tissues, reduce girth (weight loss) and striatal treatment, and reduce scars.

    Body, face, eyes RF

    High-frequency radio frequency can quickly improve local blood circulation, cause fatty acid decomposition and fat cell metabolism, so as to achieve the effect of fat dissolution and weight loss. After applying the gel or slimming product for about 20 or 30 minutes, the probe can be used to massage specific areas of the skin.
    Mainly used for face-lifting, wrinkle removal, skin firming, skin rejuvenation, anti-aging, fat reduction

    Products specifications
    Approval NumberGuangdong Sui Food and Drug Administration Approval No. 20150520